Choosing the report type

These instructions assume that you have selected the user groups that you would like to report on and that you are now ready to choose what records to include in your report. 


Choosing the report type

  1. Use the report on clients screen to select the relevant information for your report. The options include drop-down menus to select from. 
  2. To view the drop-down menus, click on the arrow beside the lists.

Filtering options

Report on

  1. Summary of learners – select this if you want to see an overview of learner information e.g. total time on the platform studying, total number of courses/modules in progress or completed.
  2. Detail of learners – select this if you want to see detailed information on learners e.g. individual time spent for each module or course or whether they are in progress or have completed a course.

Learning objects

  1. Courses – If you only want to see course information for learners, select this option.
  2. Modules – If you also want to see information on the modules for each course, for learners, select this option.

Course filter

  1. Select a Course from the drop-down to include only information on a specific course in your report. Hold shift to select multiple courses. If you do not select any courses, your report will contain details on all courses relevant to the user group/s in your report.

Date filter

You may want to see specific details of dates that learners have used the platform or taken courses. 

  1. Date learner completed this course/module – select to view details of courses your learners have completed.
  2. Date learner last studied this course/module – select to view details of learner progress with courses, including courses in progress and completed.
  3. Date learner registered on site – select to view details of when your learners were created.
  4. Date learner started this course/module – select to view details of when your learners first started a specific course.

Date options

  1. To use the date filter, you will also need to select the time period you want the data to include, e.g., if you have selected Date learner started this course/ module on the date filter, you may want to view this information from 1st to 30th January only.
  2. You can select the dates by using the drop-down, or by clicking the calendar icon.

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